IGA Directory of Expertise

To foster collaboration within our membership and to provide a reference for those searching for groundwater expertise in Illinois, the Illinois Groundwater Association has developed the Directory of Expertise.  These listings are self-supplied descriptions and are not endorsements. Only active members of the Association are eligible for listing.

You may either view the directory (Username = Default, Password = IGA) or if you are a current member, you may request to be listed in the directory.

Note: It is unlawful to reproduce this directory in part or full in any form, including in electronic or hard copy format, or any other means, without explicit written permission of the Illinois Groundwater Association. This listing has been compiled for the personal use and convenience of IGA members. Accessibility may be restricted at any time without prior notice. Inquiries concerning the use of the directory (other than personal use) should be directed to the current Association Chair.

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Last Revision: 10 Jun 2005